About me

Felix Jaekel

In recent years, I have worked as a cameraman and editor at various locations for tv, film, music and advertising productions.

I successfully completed my studies “Screen Base Media” in 2016 with

the bachelor of arts at the Beuth Hochschule Berlin.

10 years of experience and a worldwide network


2016 The isolated land  – documentary (Iceland)
2015 Nodding Disease – The sick children of Uganda” documentary (Uganda)
2014 Soltice Tribe – documentary (USA)
2014 Bel City – The life of the Bhutanese Refugee“ documentary (Nepal)
2012 Lapindo –  documentary (Indonesia)
2012 Time after Tet -documentary (Vietnam / USA)
2010 Red Khmer – documentary (Cambodscha)
2009 Daet Lün – documentary (Germany)


Other filmproductions

Camera ” Reeperbahn Privat XXL” Meta / Endemol / RTL2 (GER)
Camera Music Video ” Slave for you ” Youth of babylon (ICE)
Camera “Dance Dance Dance ” Talpa / RTL
Camera “DIOR IMAGEFILM” Bildschoen /DIOR
Head Editor “Reeperbahn Privat” Meta / Endemol / RTL2 (GER)
Editing ” Akte 2017″ Meta /SAT 1
Camera (DOP) „Commercial” – Röchling“ Shitum Film
VJ (DOP) ” ESMO Converence Copenhagen” Healthcast (DNK/USA)
VJ (Camera) „Dance Dance Dance„ Talpa Germany / RTL
Camera  “Mitsprache mit Chance“ Docelights
Camera  (DOP) „ Solstice Tribal Dance Video“ Sera Solstice (USA)
Editing „ Dance Dance Dance „ Talpa / RTL
Editing „ Kazoom“ Mediastudio Berlin / Nickelodion
Editing„ Akte 2016“ Vectorscope / Sat1
EDITING „ Nobelhart und Schmutzig (Imagefilm) Doppio TV.
Camera assistant / Focus Puller „ Berlin Neustadt „ Regie: Erhan Emre, Kamera: Sergio Gazerra
1. Camera assistant „Open Wound „ Regie Jürgen Weber, Kamera: Oliver Köppel
Junior Cutter / Playout „Newtopia „Talpa Germany / Sat1
DOP/EDITING  „Desert Ritual Bellydance&Digital Divine“ mit Sera Solstice (USA)
Camera/Editing “LOUD” Music Video for Dualesque “Killerrr Records”(Germany (Germany)
Camera/Editing “Sixt World Congress Davos” Imagefilm (Switzerland)
Camera / Production „Soltice Tribe“ with Sera Soltice (USA)
Visual Artist „ Crematorium“ Shetler Studios Director: Alexander Kargaltsev (USA)
EDITING Bild WM Talk Production: Die Fernsehfreunde DOP / Editing Youtube production for Benno Six (USA)
DOP – Der Sonne so nah Director: Bernhard Grieger  (Germany)
DOP – Strong Coffee with Wodka – Director:Vladimir Scheiermann (Germany)
CAMERA (EB) – ZDF Magazin „ZOOM – Giftige Felder“ (Germany)
DOP / Editing – Youtube Production for Benno Six (France)
1. Camera Assistent – Cyborg Nemesis Director: Albert Pyun , DOP:Michael Su (USA/Germany)
DOP / Producing – Music Video Dualesque „Not complicatet“ Killerrrecords (Germany)
DOP – Music Video Yasmin Gate “Spinning Around” Killerrecords (Germany)
First Camera Assistent Filmfestival Cottbus 2014 (Germany)
DOP EB Teen Docs RTL2(Germany)
Assistant of redaction („Secret Millionaire“ „Secret Wedding“) MME & RTL(Germany)
Fist Asistent for Comercial (o2/Sony) Element E Produktion(Germany)
DOP – Konny” Director: Alvaro del Hiero(Germany/Spain)
Camera Operator für den Film “Ziro” Director: Alvaro del Hiero English (Germany)
DOP – … und rühre mich nicht an” Director: Jakob Klafs HMT Hamburg(Germany)